ECFA sets boots on ground in Portugal: Inflatable Cinema!

An inflatable cinema theatre for children aged 3 to 12, travelling around the entire Portugal, paying a visit to schools and public spaces and offering free entrance to everybody – how cool is that?

The (short) films programmes screened in this inflatable cinema (addressing Portuguese audiences as well as tourists) are the result of a joint curation by the Inflatable Cinema team and partnering festivals in Portugal and abroad and showcase cinema in all its genres and formats: documentaries, short fiction, animation and experimental films, archive material and most of all… contemporary productions for a young audience. Every day the Inflatable Cinema organises eight or nine screenings, 40 minutes per session, plus time and space to informally discuss the film content.


Sérgio Marques: “Even if the screenings and the entire concept are targeting a children’s audience, the events we did in 2018 made clear that adults are totally excited to participate in it. We have the ambition to show the best quality cinema, and to sensitize children and their peers for the themes addressed in these movies. We want to raise awareness and empathy – even if the films deal with issues that are not part of your everyday life, still we want you to realize that they could as well be part of it. The power of art, and of cinema in particular, is to generate strong emotions, enrichening our lives in terms of self-esteem, motivation, and critical thinking about our choices and options. Otherness, equality,… those are seeds that we’re planting, and we hope they will grow, as they are a foundation for a tolerant society and responsible citizenship.



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