BUFF unravels young audience in online seminar

The seminar Reaching the young audience, hosted by the BUFF Malmö Filmfestival (March) in collaboration with ECFA, is now available online.




“The gap between the youths’ and parents’ medial reality is today bigger than in the 50s when rock ‘n’ roll came to town.” A panel investigated today’s swiftly changing media landscape and the audience that is the hardest to reach and predict – the young audience.


The seminar took its starting point in the research project ‘Reaching Young Audiences’ presented by Katrine Bouschinger Christensen and led further into engaging discussions on target groups, identification with the content, and how to reach an audience. On the panel were Katrine Bouschinger Christensen (University of Copenhagen), Petter Bragée (Head of Swedish National Television), Maciej Jakubczyk (New Horizons, Poland), moderated by former ECFA board member Per Eriksson.


The seminar is now available on Youtube.