Having the status as a major Scandinavian children’s film festival lends itself to opening with a big premiere. At the BUFF festival in Malmö that became LARS IS LOL, a Norwegian film by Eirik Sæter Stordahl.



The 41st edition of the BUFF festival (9-15 March) rolls out the red carpet. LARS IS LOL, based on a Norwegian bestseller by Iben Akerlie, promises to be a hit for the new festival season.

Amanda is chosen to be buddy to Lars, the new pupil in class. Lars has Downs syndrome. Amanda is irresolute but can’t manage to escape the task. When both kids are on their own it appears that Lars is great fun to hang out with. But what will the boy that she’s in love with think about her being friends with Lars? And what about the girls posting video clips of Lars online? A film about peer pressure, bullying, friendship and fitting in.

Watch the trailer.