KET & DOC films premiered

The Ket & Doc formation trajectory not only launched a revival of young audience documentaries in Flanders, but also guarantees five new titles every year. The powerful new crop premiering at the Antwerp Youth Film Festival is now suited and booted to conquer festivals around the world. Hang on for a super strong selection!


The fifth edition of Ket & Doc is proof of cinematographic expansion. Year after year, participants outgrow the traditional ‘portrait straitjacket’ by exploring new visual and thematic paths. That makes this year’s selection very diverse in terms of form and content. ODDBALLS (by Elke Vanoost) is a celebration of being different; US, BOYS (by Charlotte Coeman & Arne Brown) explores different perceptions of manhood; HANNAH & THE CROCODILE (by Lore Mechelaere) captures the complexity of eating disorders in cheerful animation; ROUND 3 (by Liesbeth De Mey  –  photo) introduces a girl combining passions for baking and boxing; and GRIP (by Laura De Baudringhien) follows a Ukrainian teen during an adventure camp where young people learn to live together.


The power of expression of these five stories – which will be introduced separately in the upcoming ECFA Journal – is a genuine enrichment for the genre.


Ket & Doc is an initiative of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, broadcaster Ketnet and JEF.