La Lanterne Magique’s ‘Short Cinema Lessons’

ECFA member Filem’on, the Brussels film festival for a young audience, organised, for the fifth time, its International Exchange where organisations come to present their work in the field of ‘children, film & media’ to inspire international colleagues.

One of the speakers was Vincent Adatte, representing La Lanterne Magique (Switzerland), whose ‘Short Cinema Lessons’ could be an exciting educational tool for many organisations. These ‘lessons’ are the outcome of a pan-European project supported by the MEDIA programme.

La Laterne Magic assigned a series of experienced filmmakers to film pedagogical tutorials, explaining about one specific cinematic theme of their choice. So far five ‘short cinema lessons’ are completed about documentaries, acting, foley, match cuts and lighting & staging, in the form of instructive and highly informative films. Those clips will now be available in several dubbed and subtitled language versions: in French, German, English, Spanish, Polish and Georgian. A more detailed insight can be found on

In spring 2018 a complete project website will be launched. Educators will be invited to watch tutorial clips and follow a pedagogical trail, guided by the directors questions. The website will also contain suggestions for games, hands-on activities and elaborate study guides. A great tool to be shared with ECFA colleagues across Europe!

More info: Ilan Vallotton (Executive director La Lanterne Magique),,