Successful first Warsaw Kids Film Forum

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The first edition of the Warsaw Kids Film Forum (27-29th September) took place in the Muranow Cinema, hosted by the industry section of the 4th Kids Film Festival. In this first Polish international pitching forum for young audience cinema, the best pitches were awarded by partner organisations:
– The Financing Forum for Kids Content: THE GINGERS (Artur Wyrzykowski & Emil Płoszajski, Artcore).
– EAVE (European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs): IGGY THE EAGLE (Radosława Bardes & Bartek Kędzierski, ORKA Studio).
– The Audio-Visual Technology Centre CeTA film (from Wroclaw): WOOMA (Karolina Mróz Couchard & Mariusz Włodarski, Lava films) and CHRISTMAS WISH (Aleksandra Wojtaszek, Tadeusz Rawa & Łukasz Olszacki, TOUCHfilms Production).

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In total 24 projects were pitched (chosen from 80 submitted projects), coming from Poland, Hungary, Finland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria. In the Work-in- Progress were 4 projects from Poland, Latvia and Serbia / Macedonia. Furthermore on the programme were one-on-one meetings and a consultancy panel, giving voice to around 200 European film industry guests, taking part in 250 one-on-one meetings. (Complete delegates list can be found on:

Evaluating the event with the guests, positive elements were mentioned such as a relaxed professional atmosphere, well-organised discussions, inspiring feedback from decision makers and an interesting mixture of live action, animation and TV series in the selection of projects.

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After the first edition it was concluded that a forum like this could be just the thing needed to further spur on children’s film production in a region in full development. Nowe Horyzonty (New Horizons) is already planning a next edition of the Warsaw Kids Film Forum. Save the date: 26-28th September 2018!
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