KinoOstrov: peace-making through cultural exchange

The International Center of Children`s Diplomacy is a noncommercial project that unites children and youth organisations in support of an international peace-making policy. Based in Saint Petersburg, the project grew under the wings of the Russian Children’s Cinema Festival and ECFA member KinoOstrov. “Inspired by a ‘peace expedition’ to Georgia, KinoOstrov wants to integrate the potential power of children and youth organisations into the peace-making movement. Film could be a perfect tool to achieve this goal,” says Anna Savchuk, President of the Int. Center of Children`s Diplomacy.

The goals of the International Center of Children`s Diplomacy are:

  1. to develop cooperation between children`s organisations all over the world;
  2. to reanimate international relations and lay foundations for new ones;
  3. to support children`s peacekeeping initiatives and projects.

These goals should be achieved through developing cultural and educational relationships between children from different countries. Which can be done through

  1. Touristic school trips and expeditions
  2. Philanthropic events, supporting children who suffered from international conflicts
  3. Collaborative projects with young people from conflict zones
  4. International film festivals and film camps, with film as a powerful form of visual art that can unite people from all over the world.
Anna Savchuk

Anna Savchuk: “Our expedition to Georgia has proved that children of every nation are open to each other. They perfectly understand that ‘finding new friends’ is not a matter of nationality or territory; it’s a matter of humanity. Such an experience is truly priceless for them, and for us. In July 2018 we are planning another trip to meet our Georgian colleagues and celebrate this friendship without borders!

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