New ECFA member Zero Plus: Placing qualities at the forefront

Through the art of cinema, the Zero Plus International Festival of Films for Children & Youth wants to promote common human values. Programme director Alena Sycheva: “The festival has an interest in films that foster a positive world view in children and young people and that put up front the best qualities, like family, friendship, love, nature, and creativity.” The festival has run since 2014 in Tyumen (Russia), traditionally called the ‘Gates of Siberia’.

Although the festival, under the impetus of director Nikolai Dann, puts a big effort in showcasing domestic productions, the main objective for the future is to show quality cinema from around the world to Russian children. In its fifth edition (2018) Zero Plus will include international titles in all four competitive sections (features, short fiction, short animations and documentaries).

The festival is a foundation for Zero Plus’ educational programme ‘Film Pedagogy’, that promotes the concept of ‘meaningful screenings’ including activities such as film lessons for students in Tyumen and other cities and seminars on how to implement cinema in the process of education and nurture. Over the last four years more than 100,000 youngsters and adults from all Russian regions have participated. To provide them with quality films a new Zero Plus online cinema platform will offer children, parents and educators access to an international film catalogue. The platform is in full development.

Zero Plus also runs a cinema school for young people, where professionals teach them about filmmaking and create conditions for the development of vital social skills like cooperation and self-expression.

Alexander Shkolenko (International Relations): “Joining ECFA is an opportunity in our search for value-oriented films for children. This could be our platform for exchanging experiences in pedagogy and media education with international colleagues, and to represent Russian movies on various international platforms. Maybe we’ll find a chance to exchange delegates or workshops.

The 5th anniversary edition of Zero Plus will take place in October 1-7th, 2018. Entrance to all events (screenings, master classes, creative meetings, debates, lectures) is free.

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