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Year of Production 2021


English title: Harta
Spain, 2021, 23 min.

Director: Júlia de Paz Solvas
Production company:
Mayo films (Mayoproduccions S.L.)
Bailén 11, bajos 08010

Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Film genre: Feature film

Carmela, a 12-year-old girl, on her birthday, is forced to meet her father in a family meeting centre, due to the sentence of gender violence that he has against her mother.

LUCAS 2022 (awarded)
Iberoamerican Short Film Competition 2022 (awarded)
Clermont ISFF 2022
Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2022 (awarded)
Cinema Jove 2021
ALCINE - Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares 2021 (awarded)