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Year of Production 2021

ECFA Award Winner

Mum is Pouring Rain

English title: Mum is Pouring Rain
Original title: Maman pleut des cordes
France, 2021, 29 min.

Director: Hugo de Faucompret
Production company:
Laïdak Films
1961 chemin des bas hubacs,
26220 Dieulefit

Co-producers: dandelooo
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Film genre: Animation

Jane is looking forward to spending Christmas with her Mom who is going through a little depression, but she is sent unknowingly to her Grandma’s instead. The holidays turn out to be quite an adventure as Jane meets new friends: Cloclo, the gigantic hobo who lives in the forest, and Sonia and Leon, two local kids. As she learns to open herself to others, Jane will inspire her mother the necessary strength to get back on her feet.

Buster 2022
ITFS Stuttgart 2022 (Special Mention)
BUFF 2021
Riga International Film Festival 2021 (ECFA Award)
KUKI 2021
Schlingel 2021 (laudable mention)
LUCAS 2021
San Francisco IFF 2021
Rhode Island IFF 2021 (awarded)
Animafest Zagreb 2021
La Guarimba FF 2021 (awarded)
Annecy International Animation FF 2021 (awarded)

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