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Year of Production 2021


English title: #Innestengt
Original title: #Innestengt
Norway, 2021, 25 min.

Director: Marius Loland
Production company:
Marius Loland
(Producer: Stina Ask Mikkelsen)
Ospeveien 15a
4622 Kristiansand
Phone: +47 47323456

Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

March 2020.
Schools are closing, and children are being home schooled. These are the strongest-ever peacetime measures to be taken in Norway.

So that the children can tell the future what life was like in Norway when everything closed, Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival invited children and teenagers to document the period. They are bored, they feel locked in, down because they cannot hang out with their friends and many miss hugs from their grandparents. The film is filled with invention and boredom, jumping on trampolines, and attempting new hobbies. And a large dose of creativity. What shines through the brightest is the children’s unbeatable positivity and optimism, in what was a strange and difficult time.

A close look at what it was like being young when Covid-19 came to Norway.
An important historical retrospect on this strange first period when Norway closed down until the Constitution Day on May 17th.
The film is a collaboration with Odderøya Museum Harbour (Vest-Agder-museet). The project was supported financially by Arts Council Norway, Sørnorsk filmsenter, Cultiva and The Fritt Ord Foundation.

Kristiansand 2021 (WP)

Video: Trailer