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Year of Production 2021

ECFA Award Winner

School by the Sea, The

English title: School by the Sea, The
Original title: Skolen ved havet
Norway, 2021, 29 min.

Director: Solveig Melkeraaen
Production company:
Medieoperatørene as
Grønlandsleiret 23
N-0190 Oslo
Phone: +47 95754529

Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Film genre: Documentary

Thorvin and Tilde are first graders at a small school by the sea, but now the school will be closed down and they have to attend a larger school in the nearest town. Tilde gets a tummy ache when she thinks of the closure and Thorvin wonders what will happen to the toy kitchen.

doxs! 2022 (ECFA award)
Nordic Film Days 2022
Haugesund 2022
Kristiansand 2021