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Year of Production 2021

Fox for Edgar

English title: Fox for Edgar
Original title: Fuchs für Edgar
Germany, 2021, 8 min., no dialogue

Director: Pauline Kortmann
Production company:
Talking Animals
Grimmstrasse 27
10967 Berlin
Phone: +49 174 4828746

Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Film genre: Animation

Edgar, a young boy, doesn't get much attention from his parents because they are busy with their smartphones and laptops. After all, there's always plenty to do on the Internet. But Edgar dreams of real adventures. In the forest, a fox helps Edgar in his loneliness - until his parents suddenly look up and are roused.

Kristiansand 2022 (awarded)
AleKino 2021
Schlingel 2021
Zlin FF 2021
Golden Sparrow 2021 (awarded)

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