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Year of Production 2017


English title: Maleika
Original title: Maleika
German title: Maleika
Germany, 2017

Director: Barfuss, Matto
Production company: Maleika Film GmbH
Age recommendation: 11 years and up
Length: 106 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Matto Barfuss met the cheetah, ‘Diana’, and her 5 cubs in the Serengeti in 1996. He became part of the family and for months, lived among them on his hands and knees from 1996 until 2002. In 2013, just North of the Serengeti, he came across another cheetah, ‘Maleika’. Convinced that Maleika is the great-grand-daughter of Diana, Matto made the decision to share the story of this incredible cheetah.
In 2014 Maleika gives birth to sensational 6 babies on one of the most beautiful plains of the earth, the Masai Mara. With that one of the most touching and incredible stories nature ever told come up. It‘s a story about deep love, the sorrows of a mother, misery and of letting go.... but with a "Happy End"...
"If I had written a screenplay, I couldn‘t have done it more beautiful and dramatic", Matto Barfuss confesses.
The movie is captivating entertainment in the "style of Disney" for the whole family. One will be thrilled, one will be deeply touched, one will learn that it is no option ever to give up.
The production was made in the wild without any harm to animals and nature. It is an entirely sustainable production.

Hof CFF 2018, Kristiansand CFF 2019

Website: www.maleika.eu

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Morefilms (DE)

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Camino (DE)