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Year of Production 2017


English title: Promises
Original title: Loford
German title: Versprechungen
Iceland, Denmark, 2017

Director: Hinriksson, Bragi Thor
Production company: The MPFactory Hreyfimyndasmidjan
Age recommendation: 9 years and up
Length: 104 min.

They want to do it right, so Hanna and Baldur’s parents prepare well and calmly tell their children one evening that they are getting separated. Nobody is at fault, they stress, especially not the two children. But for Hanna and Baldur, the whole thing doesn’t go quite as smoothly as the divorce manual promised. The 13-year-old girl doesn’t want to move. Her nine-year-old brother is frightened – will his dad soon have new girlfriends, like the father of Baldur’s best friend? Carried away with trying to reassure her younger brother, Hanna makes a promise that will sorely test the relationship between the siblings. Director Bragi Thór Hinriksson doesn’t pull any punches in this depiction of divorce as seen through the eyes of the children – everybody in the family makes mistakes; the situation is soon very rough, but not hopeless. This drama was shown as a four-part mini-series on Icelandic TV in September.

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