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Year of Production 2017

Dummy the Mummy and the Tomb of Achnetoet

English title: Dummy the Mummy and the Tomb of Achnetoet
Original title: Dummie de Mummie en de Tombe van Achnetoet
German title: Dummy the Mummy and the Tomb of Achnetoet *
Netherlands, 2017

Director: Hoeve, Pim van
Production company: PVPictures, Nickelodeon
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Length: 82 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Dummie is feeling homesick. He wants to go back to Egypt to find his parents’ grave, so he can say goodbye to them. Klaas is not keen to go. He is scared of flying to Egypt, it will cost too much money and Dummie doesn’t have a passport. But when Dummie’s painting of Miss Friek is sold for a large sum of money and he manages to arrange a passport, Klaas, Goos, Dummie and Miss Friek set off for Egypt. But can they find the Tomb of Achnetut after four thousand years? Armed with one of Mr Krabbel’s plans, Dummie and Goos go off to investigate. The search is fraught with dangers, however, and the best friends walk into a trap. Can Klaas save them in time or will Dummie and Goos be trapped forever?

Marketing strategies:
Sequel to the successful film "Dummie the Mummy". Based on a famous book series written by Tosca Menten.

Cinekid Amsterdam 2017, Jef Antwerp 2018, Leeds Young Film 2018

World sales address/es:
Incredible Film (NL)

Sold to:
Dutch Film Works (NL)