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Year of Production 2017

Elephant and the Butterfly, The

English title: Elephant and the Butterfly, The
Original title: Drole de père
German title: Elephant and the Butterfly, The *
Belgium, 2017

Director: Elmbt, Amelie van
Production company: Les Films du Fleuve
Co-producers: Why Not Productions
Length: 85 min.
Film genre: Feature film

After five years away, Antoine returns to Brussels, determined to confront his past. He knocks at the door of Camille, the woman he’s loved and left, but arrives just as Camille is about to go on an important business trip. The babysitter is running late and, in a moment of panic Camille asks Antoine to stay with little Elsa for a few moments. Caught off-guard Antoine agrees, but the babysitter does not arrive.

Tribeca IFF 2018, Ciné Jeune de'l Aisne 2018 (awarded), Just Film Tallinn 2018

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