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Year of Production 2017


English title: Hanaa
Original title: Hanaa
German title: Hanaa
Italy, 2017

Director: Carrieri, Giuseppe
Production company: Natia Docufilm, Rai Cinema
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 86 min.
Film genre: Documentary

In India a young girl has been forced to marry because her horoscope said that that was the only way for her to survive. In Nigeria a young girl has been raped by Boko Haram's soldiers and one night she has tried to escape her kidnappers. In Peru a young girl has become a young mother. In Syria, because of the war, a girl has been sold to the best bidder. Their four destinies will inevitably interweave, starting from the name that they all share: Hanaa.

Capetown IFF 2017, Moscow IFF 2018, Copenhagen Cph:Dox 2018, Giffoni 2018

Website: www.natiadocufilm.com

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RAI Cinema (I)