Going Green

Just like for diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability in our sector is not just on-screen (the stories we choose to tell) but also off-screen. Green practices can be integrated in the workflow not only of any film production, but also in the organisation of festivals.

For the film production side, check out the CineRegio Green Report 2020 that provides an overview of environmentally friendly efforts and practices taken by 15 regional film funds. It reports existing models and methods: from green guidelines and green set protocols to certification systems, from incentives and rewards to carbon calculators, from training programs to on-set recycling strategies.

Also in the case of festivals, protocols, solutions and certification systems may vary, but things are luckily developing quickly. We suggest to look for the initiatives that are taking place in your region, but a valuable resource to approach the topic is the Canadian initiative Green Festivals: easy to navigate, it provides tips and pathways to help festival organisers in reducing their environmental impact.

To find some inspiring case studies and a set of carbon and environmental calculators which can be used for your organisation/event, have a look at Julie’s Bicycle, a UK-based not-for-profit mobilising the arts and culture to take action on the climate and ecological crisis.