BUFF offers a free welcome!

For the 40th anniversary of “Sweden’s leading film festival for young audiences” BUFF (11-17 March) is bringing the world’s best films (121 in total!) to the cinemas in Malmö. And it’s not only about films, it’s also about people! That is why the festival offers free accreditation to ECFA members!


ECFA members can contact mans@buff.se. This accreditation gives you access to a programme of promising industry seminars. Take a look at the menu! There’s…

– Kids Media: Horror, humour and relationships. How to build engaging characters? How about horror films for young audiences? What about humour in children’s film? On the panel are Rosa Dias (Costume designer SEX EDUCATION), Sara Törnqvist (Casting YOUNG ROYALS), Paolo Vacirca (producer & screenwriter of FEED) and Björn Carlberg (creating comics with puppets). Kids Media is presented together with the production company Mint.

– Kids curate YouTube: A cavalcade of popular YouTube clips.

– Swedish Work in Progress, putting the Film Consultant for Children & Young People at the Swedish Film Institute against the wall and demanding straight answers.

– A Swedish youth film odyssey – from a European perspective: Gert Hermans taking a look at clichés and prejudices about Swedish youth cinema, and how they live up to expectations.


– Music films on the horizon: BOURGEOIS FUNERAL (by Maja Moberg) and DÜSSELDORF, SKÅNE (by Patrik Blomberg Book).

– What can children handle? How is the assessment made of what may harm the well-being of children in a certain age group? The Swedish Media Council talks about its work with children’s panels, in which filmmakers and audiences explore the experience of moving images.

– Children’s Screenplay Residency: Doreen Ndagire, receiving a children’s film script residency in 2022, talks about her project – a psychological horror film for children set in Kollo.