The need for a new study: A profile of current and future audiovisual audience

Still relevant Film audience research commissioned by the European Commission took place in 2013 including 10 European countries (Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom).  The research was based on an online survey of 4,608 Europeans aged 4-50 and among its findings, a pan-European profile of film viewer was defined and described in ten segmented groups.

In what way these profiles have been changed after covid experience and market disruptions, how film viewers’ behavior can be defined today? Is it not time for another comprehensive research on current and future audiovisual audiences in EU27? There is definitely a need for updated research findings that includes recent major changes in how, where, what, why we “consume” film at all.

A profile of current and future audiovisual audience was published in 2014 by the European Commission.