2019 takes a start as a memorable children’s film year. The first ECFA Award nominations already show traces of razor-sharp competition.

The ECFA Jury in BUFF Malmö awarded FIGHT GIRL, a Dutch film by Johan Timmers (also selected for the upcoming EFA Award). The jury: “The ECFA Award goes to a well written and well played motivating film, with powerful female characters, describing empathically the challenges faced by teenagers in a fragile social setting. With protagonists mainly fighting against their own demons, the presence of an understanding peer group with a common passion can help to overcome anger, to break with gender stereotypes and to learn how to accept mistakes. All this will lead to emotional maturity and, again, empathy.”


The ECFA Jury at BUFF were Judita Soukupova (Juniorfest, Czech Republic), Pantelis Panteloglou (Olympia Festival, Greece) and Marta Kraus Zurek (Fundacja IKS, Poland). An interview with director Johan Timmers will be in the upcoming ECFA Journal.