Dancing at the movies: Cine-Dance!

Cine-Dance links the art of dancing with animated cinema. How do you sensitise children about cinema while simultaneously working on their physical awareness? The result is an original, participatory project that introduces (the youngest) audience to motion, physical exercise and animated image.

“Watching a movie in the cinema is more than being a spectator! It is essential to link the image to the body already at an early age. In this project it is essential to dream and to arouse the imagination of the young and old alike,” says Céline Ravenel, former ECFA president and founder of Linfraviolet, who presented the Cine-Dance project this year at the ECFA AGM.

Cine-Dance comes in three steps:
– The screening of the animated shorts WIND (photo) and LINK by German director Robert Loebel.
– Following on two performers start a choreography about the theme of relationships: bonds of friendship that we develop, already at a young age, with family, friends and lovers.
– All this results in a participatory performance with children and adults.


Cine-Dance could work in every festival or artistic event. Céline Ravenel: “In our first performances I was particularly pleased about families, kids and (grand)parents sharing a moment of complicity. School audiences are more of a challenge, as children must feel free to participate, which sometimes clashes with the school protocol. That is an interesting experiment. Everything that I have sown over the last years can now be harvested in this project. I hope we’ll have the chance to present it at many national and international events.”

More information on www.facebook.com/Linfraviolet.LIV or contact linfraviolet.info@gmail.com.
Watch teaser (1’)
Watch presentation (4’)