Audience Development

Although there are a number of tools and guides on how to build an audience development plan, this Guide represents the most comprehensive set of tips. Based on field examples, it takes into account the fact that each cultural organization can find its own path of including the audience at the heart of their activity and its own balance between audience and artistic objectives. Proposed steps in necessary organizational changes that embrace the audience within the organization’s mission, are clearly described, feasible and represent a game changing element for those organizations who are open to this shift.  

Study on Audience Development: How to place audiences at the centre of cultural organisations

This practical guide, based on research results that involved many experts and stakeholders, gives an insight on how European organizations shift towards “audience centricity”. Focus is not on defining a “good” practice of audience development but to provide cultural organizations with useful tools and examples so that they can investigate the most appropriate ways to include the audience in their activities. Within this study there has been published Guide part II with key recommendations for policy makers, case studies and final reports findings.