Let’s go to the Opera!

The selected example comes from an artistic form, which seems pretty far from everyday interest of a young audience and difficult to comprehend – the world of opera.
The structure of tailor-made formats for different target groups including innovative and inclusive didactic methodology, strong community support but also national coverage, inclusion of audience in participative opera and the work of musical preparation – all these elements makes the work of AsLiCo team from Como one of the most inspiring examples of audience development work!

Opera Education is an Italian platform that, since 1996, promotes passion for opera in a young audience as an instrument for a more complete education. Having in mind that opera connects and shares different types of arts (singing, acting, music performance, staging, dancing, artistic direction), a number of formats has been developed, covering target groups form 0 to 30 years. Opera Education’s productions visit twenty-nine cities and nine Italian regions.