Perspectives: A dialogue upon the question of value in film education

Speaking from two different perspectives, Alan Bernstein and Andrew Burn explore in “Perspectives: A dialogue upon the question of value in film education” published in Film Education Journal 2019 the role of value in film education, and film culture more widely. Their dialogue shows some common starting points but then different views (the first more related to practice, the second recognising the importance of theory). It may serve as inspiration both for film educators and other film professionals and practitioners as well, called upon to reflect on what constitutes the value of the films they make or propose.

In this dialogue, while starting from the common assumption that the concept of value can change over time and take on different connotations depending on the social and cultural context of film production and fruition, the authors approach the issue from two different points of view: Bernstein emphasises the need for discussion between the parties e.g. teacher/student, director/audience on what constitutes the value of a film; Burn highlights the importance of referring to a system of categorisation, a kind of grammar, in order to define value through a multimodal approach.