100 KILOS of ECFA Awards at FIFEM

In the FIFEM festival in Montréal, the ECFA Award went to the interesting French production 100 KILOS D’ETOILES by Marie-Sophie Chambon.



Ever since her childhood days 16 year old Loïs always had but one dream: becoming an astronaut and flying far away from planet earth, where she is feeling alienated and misplaced. Despite her expertise, there is one problem though: Loïs weighs more than 100 kilos. When everything seems lost, Loïs comes across three other teenagers damaged by life, just like her. Together they are ready to do just about anything to make each other’s dreams come true.


ECFA & FIFEM Jury on stage

100 KILOS D’ETOILES (100 KILOS OF STARS) deals with concrete problems, harsh but real, without losing that last glimmer of hope. The disorders of each character are truthfully portrayed, without artifice, just like adults are portrayed as good parents despite their shortcomings. This film tells a story of solidarity and mutual support.” The ECFA Jury were Kristine Simsone (Riga IFF), Gert Hermans (JEF) and Canadian actress Sandrine Bisson.