Five Flemish young audience documentaries premiering

Under the Ket & Doc label five Flemish young audience documentaries premiered at the JEF festival. The short documentaries, aiming at an audience between 9 and 12 years old, consequently show the world through the eyes of children.


The first Ket & Doc edition was launched in 2018. Inspired by the Dutch Kids & Docs project, five young audience documentary projects were selected. Before going in production, filmmakers and producers went through a series of workshops, organised by the Flemish Film Fund (VAF). For the emerging filmmakers, this was a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a genre that is relatively new to the Belgian production landscape. All five documentaries premiered at the JEF festival, were broadcasted on the national public TV’s children’s channel and are now available for the international market.


The five documentaries are:

– FIEN, JIP & FIEN (Marie De Hert & Ellen Pollard – foto) a close bond between brother and sister is put to the test by first love. Contact:

– BERTHA AND THE WOLFRAM (Tijs Torfs) a girl learns to cope with a long-term illness. Contact:

– CIRCUS WITHOUT TENT (Nina Landau – foto) a daughter from a traditional circus family shares her dreams and ambitions. Contact:

– DADMAGNET (Daphne van den Blink) tells about ‘missing someone’. Contact:

– In RADIO FELIX (Lauranne Van den Heede –  foto) a boy learns to cope with autism, processing his impressions through his comments for an imaginary radio show. Contact:


The second Ket & Doc edition has already been launched. In 2021 we will be looking forward to five new documentaries. Ket & Doc is a cooperation between VAF, Ketnet and JEF, with the support of the VAF / Media Fund of the Flemish Ministry for Media.