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Slum Symphony, A – Allegro Crescendo

Original title: Slum Symphony, A – Allegro Crescendo / Allegro Crescendo - Sinfonia da Favela
German title: Slum Symphony, A – Allegro Crescendo
Italy, 2010

Director: Barbarossa, Cristiano
Production company: Below the Line Production, Verve Media Company
Co-producers: RAI Cinema

A quarter of a million kids from Venezuela’s most violent and poor neighbourhoods spend six afternoons a week intensively studying classical music. We follow some of them over five years through a radical social project in which children and teenagers, often living in unthinkable circumstances, are given the chance to change their lives through music. A natural born talent, Angelica first picked up a violin aged 10 but it’s as if she’s played all her life. Wilfrido is the first one in his family to travel - or to receive a standing ovation at Carnegie Hall. A film about struggle: Will Heidi stay with the tuba while her barrio descends into hell? Will Jonathan's cello save him from his brothers' drug abuse and homelessness? And what will happen to Fabio, an orphan, when he moves away from the music school? Through the years, we understand how music changed their lives: from the first lessons to concerts around the world with famous conductors such as Claudio Abbado, Simon Rattle, Lorin Maazel and Gustavo Dudamel, the young Director of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra. Five years of struggle, dedication, music and dreams.

Roma 2010, Rio de Janeiro 2010, Castellinaria 2010 (awarded)

Website: www.aslumsymphony.com

World sales address/es:
First Hand Films (CH)