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Original title: Silvana - väck mig när ni vaknat
German title: Silvana
Sweden, 2017

Director: Gustafson, Mika & Kastebring, Olivia & Tsiobanelis, Christina
Production company: Mantaray Film AB, Influence Film
Co-producers: Annica & Bo Uddenäs
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 95 min.
Film genre: Documentary

Swedish rapper Silvana Imam uses her razor-sharp tongue to capture the movements taking place in society today, personifying a new generation along the way. The film is both an intimate love story and a unique look at the raucous early years of her career.

Guldbaggen Award for the best documentary 2018, Torino IFF 2018 (awarded), BUFF Malmö 2018, Kinotrip Ljubljana 2018, Kristiansand CFF 2018, Oulu CFF 2018, Just Film Tallinn 2018

World sales address/es:
Mantaray Film (SE)

Sold to:
Triart (SE)