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Strong Shoulders

Original title: Épaules Solides, Des
Switzerland/France, 2002

Director: Meier, Ursula
Production company: PCT Cinema & TV SA, Martigny-Combe
Co-producers: TSR/ARTE, GMT Production, Paris, Need Prod. Bruxelles
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

While other teenagers go out on dates and get drunk for the first time, Sabine focuses singlemindedly on becoming a top-athlete. Her single objective: to improve her physical prowess, no matter what the cost. The speacial sports boarding school where she trains is not challenging enough for her. She even starts to compete with the opposite sex, but does not realise thatthis could have severe consequences for her emotional and physical health. But failure is not a word in Sabine's vocabulary. Even so, if she continues like this, she may be riding for a fall.

Cine Junior '94 Paris 2004 (special mention)

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