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Same Same but Different

Original title: Same Same but Different
German title: Same Same but Different
Germany, 2009

Director: Buck, Detlev
Production company: Biscuit Films
Age recommendation: 15 years and up

Two young Germans are on holiday in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. There are plenty
of attractions in this impoverished but exotic country. The boys get to fire bazookas
and make the most of the pulsating nightlife; where there are plenty of temptations,
and they rarely say no. Ben ends up in bed with the barmaid Sreykeo and falls in love
immediately. When he returns to Hamburg a few weeks later, they have reached an
understanding. He sends her money, and she stops prostituting herself. But doubts
start nagging Ben. Like his older brother says: “She probably has several men who
send her money. She can’t afford being in love.” He has to make a choice. But then
comes the bad news: she is tested positive for HIV. ‘Same Same But Different’ is a
different kind of love story about culture clash and global social inequality.

Buster Copenhagen 2010

World sales address/es:
Playtime (FR)