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Secret of Fern Flowers, The

Original title: Tajemnica Kwiatu Paproci
German title: Geheimnis des Zauberfarns, Das
Poland, 2004

Director: Wilkosz, Tadeusz
Production company: Anima-Pol
Co-producers: Agencja Produkcjji Filmowej, Se-Ma-For, Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Animation. - Four puppets, living in a kindergarten, are kidnapped by false guards. After escaping from the hands of the kidnappers, they are lost in the woods. Conceited Buba and boastful Superboy fell from the frying pan into the fire - they are taken captive by the Boss bullying others at a wild garbage dump. The shady character wants to make them rummage through the garbage. The other couple of puppets - babe and Weirdo - meet sad animals in the woods, which complain about the garbage dump taking joy of life from them. Wandering in the woods Babe finds a magic fern flower that gives her supernatural power. The puppets decide to find their friends not expecting how quickly they will succeed. Captured by Garbos, they are immediately taken to face the Boss who rules that they will share the fate of Buba and Superboy. The Boss, however, is not aware that this time he has hit some tough guys - the puppets take up an uneven struggle against impossible odds. In the critical moment for the puppets' army, Babe luckily remembers about her supernatural powers that she owes to the encounter with the magic fern flower. Can she reverse the course of events? Can she save the woods and her friends? Will all of them get back to the kindergarten safe and sound? (Ale Kino Festival for Young Audience, Poznan 2004)

Poznan 2004, Chemnitz 2004, Zlin 2005, FICI Madrid 2005, Rolan Bykow Yerevan/Armenia 2006 (awarded

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Anima-Pol (PL)