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Race, The

English title: Race, The
Original title: Race, The
German title: große Rennen, Das – Ein abgefahrenes Abenteuer
Ireland, Germany, 2009

Director: Nebe, André F.
Production company: Grand Pictures Ltd.
Co-producers: Tucano Films
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 84 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Mary (11) lives a life of drudgery on a poor Irish hill farm in the early nineties. Determined to realize her dream of becoming a racing driver, she enters a cart race down the valley against the wishes of her parents and to the general scorn of the small community. By forging a relationship with her uncommunicative father, she gathers the confidence to tackle the rest of her life.

A film about a young girl facing her family’s breakdown and discovering a world of opportunities beyond the farm. "The Race" is a girl-empowering story placed in the beautiful Northern Irish
countryside where, in terms of tradition and male/female relationships, nothing much has changed in the last twenty years.

Golden Sparrow Gera/Erfurt 2009, Giffoni 2009, Buster Copenhagen 2009, Chemnitz 2009, Cinekid Amsterdam 2009, Vienna 2009, Oulu 2009, Antwerp/Brugge 2010 (awarded), BUFF Malmö 2010, Sprockets Toronto 2010, Ale Kino Poznan 2010

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