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Princess Lillifee

English title: Princess Lillifee
Original title: Prinzessin Lillifee
German title: Prinzessin Lillifee
Germany, 2009

Director: Simpson, Alan & Niebuhr, Ansgar
Production company: NDF Neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft
Co-producers: Beta Film, Universum, WDR
Age recommendation: 4 years and up

In the enchanted kingdom of Pinkovia, the fairy Princess Lillifee rules with a magic hand, creating beauty and good will wherever she travels. Together with her pet pig Pupsi, she zooms throughout the countryside leaving behind a magical trail? clouds of pink butterflies and sparkling stars.

Still, she soon discovers that not all in her kingdom are content. With the passing ages, the Fairies of Pinkle have become worse in the misuse of their magical powers. It is the Farmer Pixies, the Fisher Elves and the Mermaids of the surrounding countryside that suffer so much from the Fairies? mischief that they are actually considering leaving the enchanted realm forever. Being a caring Princess, this makes Lillifee very sad.

But together with all of her friends, Princess Lillifee is determined to restore the gentle harmony of her wonderful kingdom and fill it again with the joy of its glittery splendor?

Delivery scheduled for March 2009

Marketing strategies:
The Lillifee books have been published in 20 countries with more than 1 Million copies sold.

Study guide: English

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Beta Film (DE)

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Universum (DE)