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Girls Lost

English title: Girls Lost
Original title: Pojkarna
German title: Girls Lost
Sweden, Finland, 2015

Director: Keining, Alexandra Therese
Production company: GötaFilm, SVT
Co-producers: Periferia Productions
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 103 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Kim, Bella and Momo, three bullied teenage girls, are going through the throes of finding themselves. Surrounded by a dark world of teenage violence, marginalization and sexual confusion, the girls have only each other.

A seismic shift happens when they discover a curious plant in their beloved greenhouse. It turns out to have mysterious magical qualities that, when consumed, transforms the girls temporarily into boys. But not only does their gender change, the world around them, and their response to it, is profoundly altered.

At first they enjoy a newfound freedom but soon discover that being a boy isn't all roses. Momo and Bella come to the realization that it's merely a facade. For Kim, however, being a boy is much more than wearing a mask, it offers her a sense of identity. Kim, as a boy, becomes infatuated with Tony, a rough petty criminal that lives on the edge, and at the same time Momo falls in love with Kim.

Ultimately, an entanglement of confused sexuality asks us who loves who and why - and if gender identity really matters when it comes to love.

Marketing strategies:
Based on the novel "Pojkarna" by Swedish author Jessica Schiefuer, who was awarded the prestigious August Prize in 2011, in the category ‘Swedish Book of the Year for Children and Young People’ for the novel.

Toronto IFF 2015, Nordic Filmdays Luebeck 2015, Antalya IFF 2015, Luxembourg 2016, Nominated for the European Young Audience Award 2016, Kristiansand CFF 2016, Pula 2016, Oulu CFF, Europees Jeugdfilmfestival Vlaanderen Antwerp and Brugge 2017

Website: www.gotafilm.se/?production=pojkarnagirls-lost

Study guide: Danish

Study guide: Finnish

World sales address/es:
Yellow Affair (SF)

Sold to:
Folkets Bio (SE)
Salzgeber (DE)