Young Horizons: A new chapter begins

The year of the 10th festival edition takes us into a brand new era, with a refreshed identity: Kids Kino changes into Young Horizons! This new chapter comes with a new name, logo and branding.





What might seem to be a huge change, is actually a natural consequence of our growth. We started out 18 years ago as an offspring of an educational project for young audiences. Today, the scope of our activities is much wider. All our projects have a common goal: to promote quality cinematography and to make young viewers sensitive to its value. We believe that top-quality films adapted to the target age group help our audience get to know and understand the world and other people. The film festival is the groundwork, the foundation for the next level: film distribution. We get through to audiences across Poland with well-renowned films such as, YUKU AND THE HIMALAYAN FLOWER, EVEN MICE BELONG IN HEAVEN, or the upcoming ARGONUTS. Through the ongoing educational project for school children and teachers, the New Horizons of Film Education initiative reaches even the smallest towns and villages.



To crown it all, there is our industry programme, supporting filmmakers in their creative journey. This forum is one of the largest international events focusing on young audiences in Central and Eastern Europe. The corresponding film development programme helped bring to life productions, such as DOUBLE TROUBLE, DETECTIVE BRUNO and a handful of documentaries. To connect all these elements even tighter, the new name of Young Horizons was created.


This name responds to our internal complexity as well as to external needs. After all, our programme includes productions for various age groups. To attract the attention of viewers aged 7+, we needed a more adequate name. Like… Young Horizons. “We wish to create a unique event, not only for the youngest viewers. We have designed the new name and branding, as we have extended our catalogue for older children and adolescents”, explains Kamila Tomkiel-Skowrońska, Director of IFF Young Horizons. We are sure that the poster – with its purely minimalist logotype – for this year’s festival, based on our new visual identity, will attract young viewers. By entering the world of film, they will be able to look far beyond the horizon.

We are definitely not writing off our past. We are simply growing up as the years go by. Proud of our achievements and excited about the opportunities that await Young Horizons, we are turning over a new page. Stay with us!

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