Educational programme enhancing a culture of inclusion

The Athens Int’l Children’s Film Festival announces the start of the educational programme “Inclusion in the Classroom and in Practice”. You could call it an open invitation to primary education teachers in general and in special education.



The programme will be fully implemented from the new school year and aims to enhance the culture of inclusion from an early age, within the school community. Students from general and special education schools will have the opportunity to participate in shared, inclusive cinematic screenings.

The programme “Inclusion in the Classroom and in Practice,” supported by the Ioannis S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, will be hosted at the Greek Film Archive, while its design and methodology are the result of a collaboration with accessibility and inclusion consultants Liminal and TheHappyAct.


All the films in the programme, both Greek and international, are accessible with SDH subtitles, Greek dubbing, embedded interpretation in Greek Sign Language, audio description, sensory processing, and social stories. Additionally, educational materials have been designed for teachers, including basic principles on how to discuss disability and inclusion with children without prejudice. Throughout its implementation, the programme is evaluated by professors from the Department of Primary Education at the University of Athens.


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