WELLEN AUS LICHT wins at doxs festival

In the doxs festival, the German film WELLEN AUS LICHT (Samuel N. Schwarz) took home the ECFA Award. The film tells about Frida, who finds peace in the forest where a steady stream of sounds and smells brings balance to her senses. The city, on the other hand, is hectic and loud. “Sometimes my eyes hurt because I see too much.” Frida, 12 years old, is almost completely blind.


The ECFA Jury of Lina Paulsen (Germany), Anna Pedroli (the Netherlands) and Claudia Schmid (Switzerland) were mainly impressed by Frida, the protagonist. “Besides a terrific cinematic experience, this is also an example of empathic storytelling,” as they state in their ECFA Jury clip.

This trailer gives you an impression of the six titles competing for the ECFA Doc Award.


The Grosse Klappe award, voted by a young people’s jury, went to THE CIRCLE (Lanre Malaolu, UK), “a film that keeps its composure in a time fraught with political turbulence, as the protagonists talk about their encounters with racism, toxic masculinity and brotherly love.