TeaTime at KIDS Regio

We are all missing out on much appreciated exchanges with colleagues. All those little chats over coffee, lunch and tea, sharing knowledge, ideas and observations that seem interesting but not important enough don’t happen anymore. Now KIDS Regio launches a practical and tasteful solution.


How many great films, workshops, festival offers, film education projects and research of the past years owe their existence to seemingly unimportant chats? KIDS Regio wants to stimulate this kind of conversation for newcomers as well as for long-established peers. What’s going on in European countries when it comes to children’s film? What kind of festivals are there in Italy? How do I finance a project in Switzerland? What’s going on with film education in Czech Republic and what does Poland have to offer in terms of talent development?

Let’s find out together!


KIDS Regio project manager Anne will meet an expert from a different region each month over a cup of tea to chat about what’s going on in their country. The sessions will be recorded and post-produced to be released each 4th Thursday a month. Each session will have the perfect length for you to finish a cup of tea yourself – 10 to 15 minutes to let your mind wander and be inspired.

Starting Thursday 28 January, 15:00 CET– perfect tea time – with an exceptionally longer session, Anne kicks off the series with Signe Zeilich-Jensen and Petri Kemppinen to talk about the general picture, to warm up and jump into national chats from February on.

Find all info here.