Sweden after #metoo – BUFF Film Festival takes on important role

For the Int. BUFF Festival for Young Cinema in Malmö, Sweden (March 19-24th), broadening the film range for a young audience has always been the aim. “Diversity is important. The program contains films for all ages, accommodates many themes and has a balanced gender distribution in front of and behind the camera,” says Daniel Lundquist, Head of Programming and Media Literacy.

In the aftermath of the #metoo movement, that has been particularly strong in Sweden, it has become more important than ever to focus on gender equality and to make room for more women, intergenders and genderqueers in film. At BUFF, this has always been a priority.

We have selected ‘Role models’ as theme for BUFF 2018. Children need a diversity of role models, and it is our job to help them find them, even in the most unexpected places. Sure, we force kids to watch movies they otherwise would never see. But we can do that, as we are so extremely careful about what films we show. This year this was more important than ever,” says Julia Jarl, Festival Director.

More important, yes, but not harder. Daniel Lundquist reports that this year it has actually been easier than ever to create an equal film program: “As things are looking now, we will show more movies directed by women than men this year. We are proud to take on the role as a forceful counterweight in the film industry, and provide coming generations with better and stronger role models when it comes to gender equality and related issues. We believe that in the aftermath of #metoo, more people will be open and ready to discuss both equality, sexual harassment, gender roles and a new male identity. We will show several films that bring light to this, among them Damon Cardasis’ SATURDAY CHURCH.”

BUFF’s full program will be available as of February 5th at www.buff.se.