Methods for engaging young audiences in health-care structures

The European project “Film in Hospital”, managed by 6 ECFA members, presents inspiring results of their research activity in a booklet. Il Nuovo Fantarca and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, through its two research centres OssCom and Cremit, ran this research in 2022/2023

Main research goal was how to “measure” the benefit of “Film in Hospital” project’s activities on young patients during their period of healing in six partner’s territories. Project activities consist in viewing films on national VOD platforms with over 100 titles, enriched with educative and fun content and combined with a package of various offline activities such as workshops, talks with authors in hospitals, etc. Greater emotional involvement and its benefit on audiences is provided in situations of shared viewing experience in small groups and shared ideas and opinions with others. Sharing emotions and learning something new constitute two functional perspectives significantly associated with overall gratification. These main findings will influence re-defining the project’s activities in the future with this target group.

Film in Hospital is co-financed by MEDIA, included partners are: BUFF (SE), JEF (BE), Kids meet art (HR), Il Nuovo Fantarca (IT), Kinodvor (SLO), Pack Magic (ES), and from 2024 Neaniko Plano (GR), SKJFD (DE).

Introduced by Edita Bilaver