Portland Kids’ Film Festival’s second edition

The 2nd Annual Portland Kids’ Film Festival will be held on 4 & 5 February in Portland, Oregon (USA) at the historic Hollywood Theatre. The festival, a member of ECFA, will feature six different programs for children aged 3 – 16 and is thrilled to have a panel of local filmmakers and animators available to answer questions from the audience. For the young children the festival is proud to be a part of the Best of the Fest Tour from NYICFF and the YEC Tour #4.

Other highlights of the 2017 edition include a screening of Albert Lamorisse’s classic THE RED BALLOON. The festival will be closing with the ‘Girls Rule!’ program featuring animated and live-action shorts starring young women and girls. Samantha Younes: “The Portland Kids’ film festival is so excited to grow each year that we’re already looking forward to 2018!”
More info: www.pdxkidsfilmfest.com