Les Films Du Preau booms in French theaters

 Distributor Les Films du Preau is currently booming on the French children’s film market. With two consecutive successful releases (STICK MAN and GET SANTA) they’re proving the market still has room for European quality animation. 200 000 additions is a huge number for an animation compilation!
Marie Bourillon (Les Films du Preau): “STICK MAN is a Magic Light Picture production. Their films have a typical style, easy to recognise, which we strongly emphasised after THE GRUFFALO’s success. We facilitated cinemas with options to organise an ‘event screening’ and of course there is the impact of the books.”

There’s also a typical Christmas flair about the film, which it has in common with Les Film du Preau’s successful December release: “For GET SANTA, we’re now at 120 000 admissions. In France, it was the only genuine Christmas film on the market this year. The end of the school semester helped us to attract a large audience.”

The results of Les Films du Preau should be considered a true encouragement for their European colleagues in children’s film production and distribution.
Read More: www.lesfilmsdupreau.com.