Piccolo Grande Cinema Hosts Conference

Between 22 October and 5 November, Piccolo Grande Cinema (Cineteca Milano) will host the final Film Corner conference, the international project that involves institutions from six European countries and foresees the creation of an interactive platform for film education.


The many socio-cultural and technological implications of the worldwide pandemic offer a chance to start a common path of reflection, investigation and research in order to imagine new ways to develop and increase involvement in film education. Participants will look for answers together in a series of four seminars (in English) plus one day focused on Italy. Themes of the sessions are:

– 22 October: Learning on screen. Online teaching resources for Film Education

– 28 October: Young people make films. From creativity to self-expression

– 29 October: Screenings and festivals for children and social distancing

– 5 November: Film Education. A European perspective