Olympia Festival responds to emergency

A national lockdown could as well be considered an opportunity to test new means of action. The Olympia Festival (Pyrgos) decided to respond to the situation through a series of initiatives:




#OIFFOnlineCinema: 60 quality films for children were streamed live through our Facebook page, under special agreement with sales agents, creating a virtual cinema where families would come to watch. A total of 780,000 minutes were streamed over the course of two months, with an estimated 8,600 single viewing points (with more than one person watching).

Recreation and film education: After an open call to teachers, we organised approximately 100 online screenings for groups of school children. The goal was not only to watch films, but to also use our new online study guides, containing self-produced audio-visual material aimed at children. This initiative reached more than 1,200 children throughout Greece.

Sci-Fi Zizanimation Distance Learning Animation Workshop: An animation lab introduced 13 young participants to the techniques of game animation and the use of modern digital learning tools, while collectively creating a short animation film. Watch CORONAVIRUS FROM SPACE here (no subtitles yet, sorry!).

Make a Single-Shot Film: An open invitation to children to create single-shot films at home, and provide them with free, easy to use video examples and simple instructions.

The Child with the Camera: In an online session filmmakers and educators used social media to provide useful information and practical solutions at all stages of creation of a short film, from putting an original idea into a script to filming and editing.