Documentary producer Tangerine Tree is unstoppable

In an ECFA interview in May 2019, Dutch young audience documentary producer par excellence Tangerine Tree came with sad news: “We are planning to decrease our efforts in youth documentaries.” But blood is thicker than water, and with more than 10 titles in different stages of (pre)production, Tangerine Trees’ agenda until 2022 looks more than packed.


Producer Nienke Korthof allows us a quick snoop into Tangerine Tree’s production schedule.


Estimated: 2020

The soft-hearted Doutzen (12) dreams of walking in her mother’s footsteps. Or rather, driving, as mom is a tough trucker. In LADYTRUCKER (Nina Karim van Oort) they embark together for an international ride, while Doutzen wonders how she can learn to stand up for herself.

Among other projects, we also mention FREE AS A BIRD (by Annelies Kruk – a cheerful girl takes fate into her own hands in search of a kidney donor) and DIT GELOOF IK (THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE – in a transmedia project by Debbie Kleijn & Janneke Geerstma, kids from religious families reveal what they believe in). (photo)


Estimated: 2021

In DE PEPERKLIP (by Shamira Raphaëla), an ambitious young audience documentary feature, we are invited into a residential block (photo) in a notorious Rotterdam neighbourhood. In this mini-society different rules apply, right and wrong are not always clearly defined. But even the toughest anti-heroes can sometimes be weak-hearted.

Among other projects, we also mention DE MONDEN VAN ZUID (THE MOUTHS FROM SOUTH by René van Zundert – the mouths of children mirror their lifestyle, their diet and health status, and sometimes even their love life), and the web documentary series SCREENAGERS (by Eef Hilgers – a descent into the heart of a teenager’s computer might bring his/her most personal problems to the surface).


Estimated: 2022

THE CHILDREN FROM MAVUNGU (by Mirjam Marks) is another feature documentary. What dreams are there to cherish when growing up deep in the rainforest in Suriname? By the end of the school year, three children in their final year will know whether they can go to the city to continue their education or whether they will stay in this remote village. How to lend your dreams a helping hand?


We wish Tangerine Tree the best of luck with their production plans.

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