Olympia facilitates unique online screening

Ever since Europe has gone into quarantine, the Olympia Film Festival started broadcasting one quality young audience film per day through its Facebook page.



Most of the screenings are restricted to the Greek territory due to legal rights issues, but on 5 April the festival offered everybody a unique chance to watch THE FLEA (1995), a unique classic directed by Dimitris Spyrou, nowadays artistic director of the Olympia Film Festival. The film tells about a 12 year old boy in an isolated mountain village publishing his own newspaper, and pays tribute to children’s freedom of speech. Dimitris Spyrou: “These issues will remain timeless until societies reach a higher level of education, culture, democracy and social justice. Any declaration will sooner or later go up in thin air if the content is not implemented. Grown-ups do not have a right to legislate without taking into account the opinion of children.