Linfraviolet: Film & Physicality

How to film or animate the human body? And what does that bring to the sensory experience of cinema? In her work with Linfraviolet, former ECFA president Céline Ravenel links cinema with its most physical aspects. Her presentation focused on two specific Linfraviolet workshops.


(based on the Open Mic session at the ECFA AGM 2020)

The Cine-dance sensorial workshop explores the physical, sensory aspects of cinema. Aimed at children and parents or school pupils (aged 3-5). Variable duration from 40–90 minutes.

Through the films WIND and LINK! a dancer invites the audience to a new cinema experience. Together with the children, she recreates poetic film scenes by exploring sound effects and shadows etc. Film characters are reduced to their physical evolution, until only the sensory elements remain.


Cine-dance gesticulanimé workshop implements body language in the stop-motion filmmaking technique. Aimed at teenagers (aged 13+). Variable duration from 1.5 hours–1 day.

Through the film ORGESTICULANISMUS how the body comes to life and transforms itself is explored. The film depicts an inner journey, from stillness to the most unbridled dance. The Linfraviolet workshop researches the transformation of the body, people in motion and their physical connection with the animated image and digital arts. Inspired by the analysis of one film extract, teenagers compose a choreographic phrase and make it their self-portrait, exploring their physical self-confidence.


Linfraviolet has even more formulas to offer, such as:

– Training for cinema professionals, festivals and media literacy organisations.

– The Cine-dance link experience, a 45 minute experience including a film screening and an immersive show with two performers. Watch the teaser here.


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