Olympia Children’s Film Festival in Pyrgos, Greece: ECFA Award and International Jury’s Award to “The Celestial Camel”

The last ECFA Award in 2016 went to “Celestial Camel” directed by Jury Feting (Russia, 2015). This film also received the international jury’s award for the best feature film. As both best director and best screenplay writer the international jury at Pyrgos awarded Renars Vimba for his film “Mellow Mud” (Latvia, 2016).

The main actress in “Mellow Mud”, Elina Vaska, received the prize as best young actress “for her powerful and expressive interpretation of a girl struggling for her future,” as the jury wrote. The film “Mellow Mud” furthermore has been nominated for the European Film Academy’s Young Audience Award 2017.

The children’s jury has chosen “Children of Chance” directed by Malick Chibane (France, 2016) as their favourite feature film and “Landfill Harmonic” directed by Brad Allgood and Graham Townsley (USA & Paraguay, 2015) as best feature long documentary. “Children of Chance” also received the Human Values Award the UNICEF Award.